Welcome to LiteGuardian LTC Mining Pool - Your Mission Control for your LiteGuardian Mining Account.

Why An Invite Is Required: LiteGuardian is a Regular LTC PPS Mining Pool, the invite system lets us regulate new miners if the hashrate is ever too high (51% attack concerns). In this situation open invites would be disabled and only existing miners would be able to send out invites.

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We are a True 2% PPS LTC Mining Pool
If you would like to join our mining pool you must be invited by an existing member or you may click "Request An Invite" above and an invite will be sent to you when one becomes available (Current Invite Wait Time Based On Current Pool Hashrate 5-20 Minutes).

Pool Features Include: Exclusive CGMiner Stats & Monitoring System, Worker Folders, Mining Teams, Android App, Google Authenticator, Free Automatic Payouts, Lots Of Stats And Graphs, an Excellent Helpful Community, DDoS Protected Network, Powerful Servers, Fully Custom Frontend and Backend Pool Software, and Much More!

Our Custom Pool Software (Screenshots)